relationshipType api rest

Hi community,

I'm trying to get the list of all the relationshipTypes of an ItemType thanks to the REST API.

Is this possible ?

Thanks for any help !


  • Hi Arnaud,

    You should be able to do this by querying the "ItemType" ItemType, and returning the "relationshipType" relationship. More in depth information about how to create queries like this can be found in this blog post.


  • Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you for the answer, I'm already using this blog but I didn't find the answer... What is the url used to perform this task ? I already tried plenty of things.

    I should start with : localhost/.../

    But then how can I add  "relationshipType" to get the list I need ? 

    I often get the error message "notImplemented". 

    Best regards

  • Hi Arnaud,

    your request should look something like this

    GET    <URI for your Aras Installation>/server/odata/ItemType('<ID for the ItemType you want to query>')/RelationshipType

    You will need to replace <URI for your Aras Installation> in the URI with the path for your Aras installation (like http://localhost/InnovatorServer) and the given <ID for the ItemType you want to query> with the ID of the ItemType you want to know the RelationshipTypes for.

    Is this what you need?

  • Hi cogres,

    Probably, but it returns "value": [].

    I have an url like this one :


    It should return Cabin_seat, Cabin_Lavatory ... that are saved in "RelationshipTypes" in the ItemType, but it doesn't. I don't understand what is wrong.

    Best regards.

  • Hi Arnaud,

    The "/RelationshipType" part of the URI means "give me all relationships of the Item specified before that are called 'RelationshipType'". Your custom ItemType "Airbus_cabin_configuration" does not have any Relationships with the name "RelationshipType". Its relationships are called "Cabin_seat, Cabin_Lavatory", etc.
    I assumed you wanted to know the names of RelationshipTypes on a given ItemType, not the actual relationship instances on instances of a particular custom ItemType. If you send the request ending in

          ItemType('ID of the ItemType Airbus_cabin_configuration')/RelationshipType

    this is exactly what you will get. A collection of "value"-nodes that include the names of your RelationshipTypes (Cabin_seat, Cabin_Lavatory, etc).

    If you need the actual instances of these RelationshipTypes on a given Airbus_Cabin_configuration, you will have to combine the result of the above query to get the names of the relationships and then a request like


    to fetch the relationship instances.

    Is this what you mean?



  • Indeed, I want to know the names of all the RelationshipTypes on a given ItemType.

    I totally understood how to fetch the instances of the RelationshipTypes on a given configuration, I just can't get the list of names of those RelationshipTypes.

    To be clear, I want to send a query to my Airbus configuration and get a reponse like this one :

    "value" : [






    I tried many urls but I wasn't able to get something like this.

    The query  ItemType('ID of the ItemType Airbus_cabin_configuration')/RelationshipType sends me "value":[]

    Maybe there is something wrong in my database ?


  • Hmm, that is odd. Could you try that query with different ItemTypes? Preferably core ItemTypes? For example, search for the ItemType with the name "ItemType", right-click -> Properties to copy the ID of it and then insert it in the request above, and see if that returns the expected "value" nodes.

    You can also try the request:

    server/odata/RelationshipType?$filter=source_id eq 'ID of the ItemType Airbus_cabin_configuration'

    and see what that returns.

  • I tried what you told me to, but it still doesn't work. I can only retrieve an empty array. Everything works except this command. I don't understand why.

  • Hi there,

    Could you check the ItemType in the client and confirm that you can see the relationships you're expecting under the RelationshipType tab? Typically, an empty array would only be returned if no items were found or if you did not have permission to see the item.

    If you can see the relationships in the client, could you try querying the REST API for the relationships of a standard Aras ItemType like User to make sure that you have permissions to see Relationships with the user you're using for the REST call? You can do that with the URL below.


    You should expect to see three items returned form the query above: Alias, Old Password, and ReadPriority


  • Hi Christopher,

    I tried your url with User, it returns again an empty array. I'm working with the admin session.

    Something is wrong wuth the permissions I guess ?