Class Structure(Classification) Field onChange Event

Hi Everybody,

I am want to write a code 'on Change" Event of Classification Property to set one of the drop down field value.

I am not getting success to getProperty Value of Class Structure Property as well as to setProperty of dropdown field.

Please help me on this.

I have tried something like below.

var ECRType = document.thisItem.getProperty("classification","");
if(ECRType == "Document" )

var affectedPartsRequired = document.thisItem.setProperty("affected_items","1");

var affectedPartsRequired = document.thisItem.setProperty("affected_items","0");
return this;

  • Hi Kara,

    in the onChange method, you can use

    var classi = getFieldByName("classification").getElementsByTagName("input")[0].value;

    And then switch over classi to set the dropdown value depending on your business logic with

    window.handleItemChange("list_property", "value you want to set");

    Is this what you need?