Not able to Purge a Part

Hi All,

I am trying to Purge a part, before purge i have deleted all the relationships.

<Item isNew="1" isTemp="1" type="Part" action="purge" id="A61FDAB93E5B4AFCBA9981B35F652A8B" />

Above AML is used to purge, i am getting below error.

Error: An exception of type 'Aras.Server.Core.InnovatorServerException' occurred in InnovatorCore.dll but was not handled in user code

Appreciate any help.



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  • Thanks Christopher,

    It is because of  "Part number"  added as a reference item under Change Item with behavior as Float. So old changes are pointing to latest Part ID (Part which is not released).

    I am trying to change behavior as fixed, so old changes will refer to released part ids and latest part can be purged.



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