How to use request states for multiple items at the same time?

Hi Community,

maybe somebody has faced a similar task before and can give me some hints.

I have an relationship onAfterDelete server Method that is triggered when an relationship item is deleted. To ensure that I can still can use the related_id after the relationship was deleted, I pass the value with RequestState in an additional onBeforeDelete Method.

--> string related_id = (string)RequestState["prevRelID"]; 

This concept works fine, but only as long users just delete one relationship at a time. When they select multiple relationships and want to delete them, the following error message appears: "An entry with the same key already exists."

This of course makes sense. The RequestState "prevRelID" can only be generated once. But is there some way, to use this one multiple times? Or maybe it´s possible to store multiple ids in to the same RequestState as some kind of array?

Does anybody know an easy solution to solve this one? 

Thanks for any help!


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