Purpose of external_~ properties of CAD Document Item

Hi Team,

I am interested in developing a CAD Connector for a certain CAD.

I found that there are "external_owner" and "external_type" properties in CAD Document Item type.
What is the purpose of these properties ? How should we use these properties ?

  • Hello,

    These properties are used to keep track of a few pieces of information that come from Aras's existing CAD connectors. The external_owner is used to keep track of the connector that was used to create the CAD item (e.g. SofTech.Mechanical.SolidWorks), and the external_type is used to keep track of what kind of CAD file was used to create the CAD item (e.g. solidworks_part).


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your answer ! 

    After the first question in Community I also noticed the following:
     - In addition to "external_owner" and "external_type", there is also a property "external_id".
     - These three properties exist not only in the "CAD" item but also in "CAD Structure", "Part", "Part BOM", and "Part CAD".

    I checked various documents and websites of Aras, but I could not find anything describing these properties.
    So I also sent a question email to Aras support, and I got a similar answer.
    * There is no strict rule, and it seems that CAD Connector/Integration function developers will devise and use it.