What´s the best way to track Manfacturer Part Changes in a Simple MCO in a more detailed way?

Hi Community,

maybe somebody is also interested in this use case. We use the Simple MCO to change Manfacturer Parts of released Parts outside the regular Part lifecycle. 

One typical use case is the exchange of an Manfacturer Part. For example the Part has a Manufacturer Part with PN "391443". The Simple MCO can be used to exchange this one easily with a new Manufacturer Part with PN "124391". 

But right now the standard Simple MCO doesn´t offer a OOTB way to track the Manfacturer Part change itself. If users don´t describe the change in the Simple MCO Form manually, it´s not possible to track what have changed. The affected Part itself will only show the latest Manufacturer Part, but the Simple MCO doesn´t help us to find the previous one. 
The Simple MCO will just indicate that a change happend, but it doesn´t force user to explicity describe the changes made to the AML.

Another Pitfall: The AML changes performed with the AML Editor in the Simple MCO are immediately visible in the Part. If user make an mistake and forget about the previous Part (because they didn´t mentioned it in the MCO Form description and the review needs two week), it´s hard to revert the AML without a lot of research.

I would prefer, if we could use an customized AML Editor for planning and documentation of the change. The change shall apply when the Simple MCO is released, but not in real-time while using the MCO.

Well, that are my current ideas. Does anybody face a simliar requirement or has some additional ideas how to improve the Simple MCO?

Thanks for any ideas!