How to Convert Item Type from Non versionable to Versionable

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I have Item Type "A" which is not a versionable initially. Created around 1000 records for this item type and now I need to create revisions to this and edited Item type to "Versionable". While trying to edit item type, it gives error as below.

Support of "none" versioning discipline for items is not implemented. 

Am surprised that, do Aras have no possiblity to change non version item type to versionable??

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Super A.

  • Hi Super,

    It is possible to convert a non-versioned ItemType to a versionable ItemType. When making a versionable ItemType, you must specify whether the ItemType will be versioned automatically or manually. This is set through the Discipline field which is required for versionable ItemTypes. 

    Typically, when you check the Versionable flag on the ItemType, this Discipline field becomes enabled. However, we're aware of an issue with 11.0 SP15 that prevents this field from being enabled on ItemTypes that have already been created. You can follow the steps below as a workaround for this issue.

    1. Open the ItemType you wish to make versionable
    2. Lock the ItemType
    3. Check the Versionable box
    4. Close the tab for the ItemType
    5. Reopen the ItemType from the main grid
      1. You should see that the Discipline field is enabled when you reopen the ItemType


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Thanks for reply Chris. You are right. After going through the "ItemType" form events, i realized this and able to workout. Thanks again for taking time to write this.

    Super A.

  • Dear thanks for your detailed explanation on my earlier question. In continuation to my previous requirement, I have one more question. Hope you could find some time to answer my question. Now am able to create manual versions on my custom item type. But when the item is revisioned, workflow is not restarted. Does Aras restrict such restart of workflow? if yes, how could i achieve this. This is part of my data migration requirement where the newly migrated items needs to be in "Released" state and should be capable enough to revisioned and behave as normal flow.

  • What to do in V12?

    1. Open the ItemType you wish to make versionable
    2. Click Edit for the ItemType
    3. Check the Versionable box
    4. Click the Refresh button
    5. Click inside the Discipline field and select a discipline
    6. Click Save or Done