Question as to when relationships are created in the Add process

Probably should throw this over to Aras Support, but I thought I would ask the knowledgeable people here first.

Does anyone know at what stage in the add process of a record when the relationships are create.  Here is my scenario.  I am adding a record that will be a child for example of a part process .  During an onAfterAdd trigger on the item type of the child, I want to go and read the parent record to be able to populate some data from the parent onto the child.  So I read the relationship item type using the id of the child to search the related id of the parent.  That read fails and tells me there are no records available.  However, after the whole saving process is complete, I go into NASH and query that exact data using the ID and related ID in the relationship and it retrieves the data with no issue.  Which makes me think that at the time I am trying to read the parent in the trigger, the relationship has not been created.

Anyone have any ideas on this?