MPP - EBOM / MBOM Grid views

Hi all,

My customer is utilizing MPP in Aras - and they would like to remove the 'Name' column from MBOM and EBOM grid views (in Process Plan) since they are not utilizing it and it just takes room in the grid.

I have tried to play with ItemType (Part, mpp_PartConfig) property hidden values, tried to find good place from mpp javascripts (PartConfig.js or BOMGridCommons.js, …), and some other places (documentation) but no success.

Any advice how to do that proper way or causing minimal damage.

I was kind of hoping that MPP would have utilized the Tree Grid Views (and those could been just edited).

// Jukka

  • You can customize Method mpp_GetBomTreeGrid. It contains the EBOM and the MBOM rendering (search for 'rel_name' in the code to find your name column). Removing the name column is possible, but you have to keep an eye on the column sort_order, as they are quite hard fixed. If you remove one, you have to adjust the following ones.