How to set related item property having datatype as Item?


I want to set related Item property(owned_by_id ) of Itemtype dynamically on grid "OnIsertRow" event. 

I tried using following syntax

var set_property = setRelatedItemProperty(relationshipID, "owned_by_id", "48BB4278F78C4D52872036D77EF5812F");

It do not throw any error but value is not set to property.

Can anyone please help how to set it?

Thanks in advance

  • Hi tushar,

    I tested this code in a local 11.0 SP12 instance, and I can partially confirm this behavior. It seems that the property is set on the item in the dom, so it will be applied when the parent item is saved; however, the grid itself doesn't seem to be updating to reflect this new value.

    You can try using code similar to that in the gist below which uses the grid object to manually update the value in the corresponding cell.

    Note that this code uses a timeout because it seems that the item's row is not actually rendered to the grid yet when the OnInsertRow event gets run. A relatively small timeout of 50ms worked for my case, but you may need to increase the timeout depending on the performance in your environment.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer