Identity where use in other Identity


I want to know Identity where use in other Identity. But I need SQL don't API

Like method "Aras.Server.Security.Permissions.GetAncestorIdentityIds". Anybody know SQL how to do.

  • Hello,

    We typically don't recommend using SQL as it bypasses the standard Aras permission model. If you're doing this inside of Aras Innovator or from an external application where you have access to the IOM.dll, I'd recommend avoiding this approach if possible.

    That being said the query you're looking for would look something like the one below. You'll just need to change the bolded text to be the name of the Identity you want to search for. 

    select * from innovator.[identity] where id in
    (select source_id from innovator.member where related_id in
    (select id from innovator.[identity] where keyed_name = 'Innovator Admin'))

    Please note that this query will just get the first level of Identities that use the one you're searching for.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer