How to find the items in ARAS vault using substring

Hi ,

I have few items in ARAS vault like below...

Part1, Part2,Part3,Part_Nut, Part_Bolt..etc

I want to get all these items from ARAS vault using C# and also find these items with sub string like "Part*".

Could you please help/support me to get these items using string which starts with some sub string in C#.



  • Hi Pase,

    Since the IOM API available from C# methods really just builds AML behind the scenes, I find it's easier to start with writing the AML directly.

    In this case, there's two possible approaches you could take. You could try using a where clause like the example below.

    <Item type="Part" action="get" where="[Part].item_number like 'Part%'" />

    Alternatively, you could try using a condition on the property itself. This approach will allow you to change the query more easily if you want to filter on additional properties later on.

    <Item type="Part" action="get">
    <item_number condition="like">Part%</item_number>


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer