Add from Search or Add New Record within a Form

I have an item-type named 'Dept' and a property within 'Dept' called 'contact' which is a datatype item. When I insert 'contact' into my 'Dept' FORM, it only gives me the ability to add a record from the search. How can I also have the ability to ADD a NEW record from the 'contact' field.



  • Hi Dominic,

    By default, Item fields on a form can only be used to open a search dialog to look for existing items. It would be possible to add a button next to this field labeled something like Create New Contact that would allow a user to create a new instance of the item. To create a new item, you can use the method aras.uiNewItemEx("Contact"); in an onclick event and then link this new contact to your existing Dept. Please note that the string passed into this method should be the name of the ItemType you're trying to create, not the name of the property.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer