'Fill Form Fields' - what the purpose of this Method


I noticed that many Aras Forms use a Method called 'Fill Form Fields' in an onFormPopulated event. 
Many ItemType Forms share this Method, e.g. Part, CAD, Document, ECN, PR,...

The Method itself is very simple, it updates the value of major_rev, state and cost as soon as somebody updates the form. But when I disable the Method, the behaviour of my Forms do not change. Everything is updated like before.

So I wonder, if we need that Method at all? I assume this Method was necessary in the past for some technical reason, but is there still a reason why we should use it in the latest Aras versions? I use SP11, but I assume 'Fill Form Fields' is also present in SP12 and SP15. 

I want to avoid that too many Methods are triggered when I open a Form, so I want to get rid of everything that I do not need 

Maybe somebody has an idea of the true purpose of 'Fill Form Fields'?

Thanks and regrads!

  • Hi Angela,

    Looking through our records, it appears that the fields this method affect used to be HTML fields in an older version of Innovator. Because of this, the extra step of needing to use the Fill Form Fields method was necessary.

    However, in recent versions of Innovator, I believe all of these fields have been converted to text fields and have been linked with their corresponding properties. This Method is likely included just for legacy purposes, but I believe it can safely be removed from the Forms.

    If you do notice any issues on any of the Forms that use this method, please check if the major_revstate, or cost fields are still HTML. If so, you will need to add this method back to the Form to appropriately update these fields.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Chris,

    The 'legacy' reason is comprehensibly. I have seen Innovator 11 that still used GUIs from earlier versions. 

    So far, I haven´t seen negative effects when disabling the Method. Many thanks for checking!