Get tab labels of visible relationships in a Form

Hi Community,

does anybody know a simple way to get the tab labels of the visible relationships in a Form?

I know that we can use the following code:
--> var tabbar = parent.relationships.relTabbar;

But this one will return an array of all relationships, also the ones that are hidden to the user.

Let´s assume I have the Form above. An onClick button event shall return the labels of all visible tabs -> Files, NDA Files, Related Parts, Vendors
What can I do? I made a few tests with the querySelector, but weren´t able to get the tab-container element at all.

Thanks for any help!


  • Here is how to get the hidden tabs (id and label). It can probably be used to remove the elements from the array of all relationships (unless there is no better way)

    var tabbar = parent.relationships.relTabbar;

    var hidden_tabs = tabbar._hiddentabs;
    var len = hidden_tabs.length;

    for (i=0;i<len;i++)
    var hidden_tab_id = hidden_tabs[i].tabID;
    var hidden_tab_title = hidden_tabs[i].title;

  • Hi Steven,

    thanks for your help! I can confirm that your approach return the hidden tabs. I'll try what I can do with your code. In any case, I understand now better what is actually displayed in the debugger. Reading the visible tabs seems to be more difficult than the invisible ones.

    This thread makes me a little thoughtful. In the forum I sometimes get helpful answers within hours.
    I sent the same question 2 weeks ago to Aras support. Although I have a premium subscription, I did not even get a minimal response. It´s the curse of being a small subscriber :-/