Integrating aras innovator with an external database

Hi folks, I have a question and i think you guys can help me. my question is how to change the property of operation number in process plan from Integer to a String. when i tried to change in the properties of mpp_operation which is a item type, it showing error that can't change the system properties. what can i do? because I have operation number something like A0, B0 etc.. and another question is how can i share data from aras database to another external database and vice versa, i mean how can i integrate aras innovator with an external database. Thanks folks..!!

  • Hi,

    you are mixing up to topics! Try to split them up next time, because it´s easier for others to understand what you are looking for. Both of your questions are good topics, but not in this combination :-).

    Changing the operation number in Process Plan is not easy to achieve. The operation number is based on the "Sort_order" property. This one is a standard property for sorting relationships. It is used anywhere. If you change this one, you have to change a lot of additional code. It´s maybe easier to add a second property for storing your custom operation number. It´s possible to change the renderings of the various ProcessPlan elements to show your customer number and hide the sort_order. In the background, there still will be the sort_order, but you do not have to care for it.

    If you need additional information about this one, I would recommend you to share MPP related questions in a new thread. Adding custom properties to a ProcessPlan is something that also other people can benefit from!

    Regarding your second request: What you want to do is called "Federation" in the Aras world. I think you will find a lot of helpful information if you search for this topic.