Is it possible to pass a parameter in reports to an external web page.


I would like to select Reports in "Parts" and pass the "item_number" to http:\\my-webpage\parts_report=parameter1

where parameter1 = "item_number"


  • Hi,

    It´s possible to pass parameters, but it depends on your use case and report service.

    For example I use this one to call an Aras Excel report with parameters defined in a Form:

    var url = aras.getServerBaseURL() + "RSGateway.aspx?irs:Report=" + reportName;
    url += "&np:id=" + itemId;
    url += "&np:param1=" + param1;
    url += "&np:param2=" + param2;
    url += "&rs:Format=EXCEL";

    var w =;

    ...Please use a little bit more precise thread titles. Just 'Reports' can be everything! :-)