How can you open search dialog in javascript with a filter


as per title - how can we set the filter for search dialog in javascript

var param = {
                title: title,
                aras: top.aras,
                type: 'SearchDialog',
                dialogWidth: 700,
                dialogHeight: 450,
                itemtypeName: 'Part'            
            };'iframe', param).show("iframe", param);
Is it possible to catch an even of this dialog?
Or how can we manually run the opened dialog "search"? The dialog is an iframe and the dijits have no ids 
I managed to make it work for test case with, mind you i cannot use this in reality, scope issues
Thank you
  • Hello,

    It is possible to filter a search dialog by setting an onSearchDialog event on a property of an ItemType as outlined in this blog.

    When calling a search dialog from JavaScript like in your example, you can set the sourceItemTypeName and sourcePropertyName in the parameters you pass in. If an onSearchDialog event exists on the property name you pass in using these parameters, that filter will be applied to the search dialog opened by your code. For a full list of the parameters available when opening a search dialog, please see this blog post on using standard aras dialogs.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hello Christopher, I've met with this article before but i was rather certain it involved custom search dialog, maybe im wrong? I will read this article thoroughly in hopes of understanding it and come back with more questions probably. Thank you for now.

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