Delete Popup for Relationship Toolbar "Delete" button

Guys, I want to implement Delete Popup feature for relationship "delete" button.¬† Basically¬† When i will click on relationship delete button (available on toolbar) , It should show OOTB delete popup which will ask for confirmation. and accordingly perform execution. <h4>I was trying to solve above use case with below solution.¬† But it is not working.</h4> I have created one form which looks like exact delete popup and On Relationship Grid Event --> OnDeleteRow --> I have write method to display form. But problem with this solution I am not able achieve "Cancel" Feature. Excepted Behavior On Cancel Button ---> Selected Row should be visible. I am not able to archive this because I am not able to find correct Deselect row API in Grid Container. Please suggest. I am really open to other solution approach as well.