Hide Enterprise-Search text box

Our users get confused with the "Enterprise Search" textbox shown in the UI. We have currently not enabled them in our org. How do we hide it to be displayed on the UI?
  • Hello, You can do this through CSS in 11.0 SP12 by navigating to your installation path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator\ by default) and modifying the file \Innovator\Client\styles\common.min.css. Search for .aras-toolbar .aras-es-searchbox and add display:none!important inside of this css bock. Note that the specific CSS is subject to change depending on the service pack you are using. Please let us know if you're using a version other than SP12. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Thanks for your reply, We use Aras Innovator Version 11.0 SP11  Build: 6812.
  • Hello, For SP11, you can use the same CSS attribute in a different file to hide the Enterprise Searchbar. Navigate to Innovator\Client\styles\controls\enterpriseSearchToolbar.css. Add the display: none; attribute to .claro .dijitToolbar div.advancedTextBox.esSearchTextboxContainer to hide the searchbox and to .esSearchButtonContainer to hide the search button. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Thank you for the lead. Worked like a charm. I also need to add same Display:none to the .esSearchButtonContainer  as well. Otherwise the Search Button will be visible.
  • For those that are on 11.0 SP15, I found the following worked.  (Aras can probably confirm.)

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator\Innovator\Client\styles\common.min.css
    .aras-es-searchbox.aras-toolbar__es-searchbox   display:inline-flex
    .aras-es-searchbox.aras-toolbar__es-searchbox   display:none