Customized toolbar buttons

Hi, Is it possible to add user-defined buttons to the toolbar of a relationship grid? Regards, Alexis.
  • Hi, I am looking for a solution like adding toolbar buttons at the form or relationship grid level (probably using cui), making it ItemType-specific. Is this possible? Can you suggest some ways of achieving this? Regards, Alexis.
  • Hi Alexis, The UI of the relationship grid has not yet been migrated into CUI, so you won't be able to easily add toolbar buttons to the relationship grid. It is possible to add ItemType-specific UI elements through CUI to the item window, however. This blog post covers how to remove CUI button on a per-ItemType basis, but the steps can be adapted to add a button as well. In step 8 of the last section of the blog post, we set the Action to Remove in order to hide the button. If you instead set the action to Add, the chosen CUI element will be displayed on the toolbar instead. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Hello Chris, Thank you for your reply with links to related posts. Does this approach also work for custom/user-defined actions, for example, if I would like to add a toolbar button and associate it with an user-defined method related to that particular item type? (In other words, I am trying to replace a few command buttons, which I have defined on a form, with toolbar buttons for the same function.) Regards, Alexis.
  • Hi Alexis, Yes, this will work with custom buttons as well. In the last section of the blog post I linked to, you can select Create Related instead of Pick Related to make a new CUI button. You should then be able to open this up and set your custom method to run when this new button is clicked. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Thank you, Chris, for the information. I am very glad to know that this approach works fine for custom-actions too. I will try this approach and keep you updated about the results. This forum is quite useful to developers like us who are new to Aras Innovator and learning more about the same. The responses from this forum are very quick and useful. Thanks a bunch for the same! With regards, Alexis.