Using dijit Tooltip in relationship grid – how to get connectId?

Hi, I want to add a dijit tooltip to a column in the relationship grid. The tooltip shall open, when elements of this specific column are selected. For a first test I used an onSelectRow Method in the corresponding RelationshipType. Currently I try to run the following sample:
require(["dijit/Tooltip", "dojo/domReady!"], function(Tooltip){
    new Tooltip({
        connectId: ["exampleNode"],
        label: "the text for the tooltip"
Right now I have some trouble to get the correct "connectId" for the tooltip element. Any ideas of how to use this parameter? I am already able to open a standard dijit dialog in a similar way. But the standard dialog is always placed in the middle of the screen and not connected to a certain cell position. Thanks for your help! Angela
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