Changes Pending in Part

Hi Expert, Would you help me understand in which case 'Change Pending' in a Part is set? In editing mode (state of a part is Preliminary), I can't untick it.   Thank you.
  • Hi, the Changes Pending checkbox cannot be set by the user. The checkbox is set when the corresponding Item is used in a Change Process. These two Methods do the job: PE_clean_has_change_pending_prop PE_update_has_change_pending With "Where Used" you can see, that these Methods are used in ItemType Server Events. But beware - that´s only half the truth. Most of the time, these Methods are triggered by LifeCycle transistions. These two Methdos trigger the checkbox update quite often: PE_OnChangeItemReleased PE_ChangeItemTransition When you create a custom change process, you must extend these two with your own functions.
  • Hi Angelalp, Thank you for your reply.