Get all property of item type and their data type

Hi Guys, I am trying to get the list of all properties in the Aras Item and their Data Type like String, boolean, Integer, date E.g. Part Item type is having property as item_number and it's data type is "String". Is there any way to get these datatypes in aras or any AML script for this? Thanks.
  • Hello,

    Angela's suggestion of using the ItemType Definition Report is probably the best approach since it filters out all of the system properties that are automatically created. However if you need all of the properties on the ItemType, then you can use a query like the one below.

    <Item type="ItemType" action="get" select="name" where=" = 'Part'">
    <Item type="Property" action="get" select="name,data_type"/>


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi  Christopher Gill,

    Thanks for AML. Can I get  Item Type Property by using Rest Api?, If yes  please give one example.



  • Hi Nilesh,

    Yes, you can use the REST API to get this information just the same as you can with AML. I'd recommend checking out this blog post which covers a few examples of how to get item data using the REST API. In particular, I'd recommend checking out the Get relationships / related items section. 


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