Error in AML

I keep getting an error with my AML code. <Item type="MIN_DCP" action="get" select="id(item_number)"> <system condition="in">(select id from innovator.MIN_SYSTEM where customer = 'F7783E44C97442EDB36286E7B8F89471') </system> </Item> ============================== CDATA[Item Analysis Error. Some Items have incorrect attribute/property values syntax. See details for more information. Details: Incorrect value: "<system condition="in">(select id from innovator.MIN_SYSTEM where customer = 'F7783E44C97442EDB36286E7B8F89471') </system>". Incorrect value explanation: "select" forbidden in property condition. ==============================
  • Hi didonato, This error is occurring because the property tag needs to contain a comma delimited list of values when you're using condition="in". For example:
      <Item type="User" action="get">
        <firstname condition="in">'Tom','Peter','Joe'</firstname>
    The server won't automatically execute the SQL to build the value list. Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Eli, If I change the syntax from "(select id from innovator.MIN_SYSTEM where CUSTOMER= ‘F7783E44C97442EDB36286E7B8F89471’) " to (select id from innovator.MIN_SYSTEM where PRODUCT= ‘ABCDE44C97442EDB36286E7B8F89471’)it works fine, actually all fields that are related work fine except customer and I'm not sure why.
  • Hi didonato, That's interesting. Now that I've looked at the error message again, I see a piece I missed before: "Item Analysis Error." This type of error occurs when a select statement is selects values from another table. This restriction is a security enhancement added in a previous service pack of Aras Innovator (11 SP7 or SP8, I believe). It is possible to whitelist specific queries to avoid this type of error. Have you previously whitelisted any queries in your code tree? (check Innovator\Server\App_Data) That might explain why certain properties work but not "customer". Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Eli, Yes, there are a bunch of .XML files in that folder. I'm not sure what to do to make the customer query work.  Any help would be appreciated
  • Hi didonato, There should be a file in that folder named ItemAnalysis.Suppressions.Example.xml that has some examples to guide you. If that doesn't help, Aras Support ( may have some documentation or additional samples to help you out. Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer