Two Workflows Assigned

Good day all.  I made a mistake with checking some boxes and have some changes that have two workflows created/assigned.  I can see which one is moving forward, but this is causing errors.  How to I tell a change which workflow to use?  Thanks.

  • Aras should add some kind of warning label to the workflow items to prevent that people touch them at all. Joy

    I haven´t done it myself yet, but you could try to change the "source_id" of the workflow so it links to the correct Change item.

    Go to SQL and check out the Workflow table. Connect it to your CM table (E.g. Express ECO) to see which workflow is currently used. Than update source_id to correct Workflow.

    !!! Do this at your own risk !!!!. I never have tested it. I suggest to test this one in a test database first before!

  • I hadn't thought of removing the source_id from the one not needed.  I may try that if this comes up again.  Thank you.

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