How do I use "Like" with declared properties in Query Builder?

I would like to use Query Builder to get Plant declared Manufacturing Parts who's item numbers have a Root that are Engineering Part number.


Engineering Item Number: 1122345

Manufacturing Item Numbers: 1122345 (ABB), 1122345 (GFD), 1122345 (PLO)

In SQL I could use

   1) Where [Part].item_number like '1122345%'

   2) Where [Part].item_number like CONCAT([Part].item_number,'%') and [Part].classification = 'Manufacturing'

I tried the following in the following order as Query Definition Conditions:

1) [Part Number] like '@[Part Number]%'    -- This did not work.

2) [Part Number] like '1122345%'    -- This did not work

Can anyone make a suggestion here?

Are there any documents that cover/describe examples of Query Builder Condition Statements?

Thanks for the help!