Drop Down field with better auto completion


I'm using ARAS R19.
The drop down fields (linked to a list) are very poor and difficult to use on big list.

Indeed, on the following list:

The user is not able to start to enter "ELEC" to quickly find the expected line.
The completion works well but only on the start of the string, not on the middle of the string.

Do you know how to enable autocomplete on the middle for all DropDown fields ?
Is there a way to "replace" the default dropdown list by a more advanced one (like this one https://harvesthq.github.io/chosen/) ?

  • For information, in the DOM, I can see some properties about autocomplete:

    But I don't know how to modify them.

  • Hi Miraks,

    "Autocomplete" is not the term you are looking for. Aras calls this feature "type-ahead".

    The "autocomplete" attribute in html elements is responsible to tell the browser if he shall autocomplete the fields. E.g. image a standard web form where you have to enter name, email, shipping address and other information. Often when you type in the first letters of your name, all the other fields are automatically filled by the browser. This is what "autocomplete" does. I have a couple of forms where I use custom html inputs (not the inbuild ones by Aras). In this case it´s always useful to disable autocompletion, cause the browser will always try to enter "something", even when it doesn´t make sense.

    I assume it´s very hard to modify the "type-ahead" feature in Aras (this is my personal view, ask Aras for a correct answer). Searching values that doesn´t start with the first letter is a bit more complicated than "free search". Compare it with the "Enterprise Search" feature in Aras. This one contains crawlers and other stuff to index the data.

    Instead of modifying the type-ahead engine, I would use a custom dropdown, just as you have found. I myself started to use more and more custom html elements and jquery cause it offers a lot more building options.

    But let me know if you found some ways to modify type-ahead!

    Best regards!