Calling SearchDialog from Server method


Is it possible to show SearchDialog from a Server method?  I can use MaximazableDialog in Javascript to show the SearchDialog and get the response in callback.  But I want to use such facility in a Server method.

In my particular case, I am trying to send email using a server method.  If the Recipent is already entered then it sends the email.  But I want to prompt the user to search for another user item when Recipient is not pre-defined.

If that is not possible then any alternative suggestions will be appreciated.

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  • Where is this method called? Is it on item save, promote or signoff ?

    Wherever it is, you need to find the corresponding button (Save button / promote button / Signoff button) and write a click JS method. You can call the Server side method in client side method.


  • Thanks for the quick response!

    The server method for sending email is being called from PE_OnChangeItemReleased, i.e. after vote is given to Workflow Task in InBasket and accordingly LifeCycle moves to Released. 

    I am using a method to send the email instead of inbuit emailing procedures because I need to get the recipient's names from another relationship to the item being released.  Sometimes that relationship might not exist so I want to get a recipient's name on the fly.

  • You can call the same server method in the In Basket complete action and trigger the email

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