Where and how does the new TOC Editor in Release 2023 store it´s data?

Hi community,

In Release 2023 Aras replaced the classical TOC Access / TOC View ItemType tables with the "TOC editor". The two tables are not used anymore in Release 2023 and completely empty.

When updating an existing db based on Innovator 12, we have to modify the imports to support the new way to config the TOC. Sure we can use the TOC Editor to modify the structure later, but I prefer the update process includes the correct TOC settings so I can reduce cutover time.

Does anyone know, which table the TOC editor uses to store the new structure? Is it solely done in the "Client Presentations"? 

And which table is used to store the TOC editor "TOC View" symbol itself? It would be interesting to understand how the TOC editor itself works. But the ItemType obviously wasn´t named "TOC Editor" and so far I weren´t able to identify it.

Thanks for any help!


  • There is new folder "TocEditor" in the "Modules\mainWindowCuiLayout" of the client code tree where TOC Editor code resides. And according to saveTOC.ts TOC Editor writes TOC data direcly to the com.aras.innovator.cui_defaut.toc command bar section of the Global client presentation and ItemTypes presentation configurations using huge method cui_toc_editor_save.

    How this method works and what data needs to be passed to it, I still do not understand.

  • Hi Alaxala,

    thanks for the codetree analysis! Your mentioned Method confirms that they mainly update CUI elements with the TOC editor (that doesn´t mean that I actually understand any of the used code).

    I did some research and think the imports are less of a problem that I first expected.

    To what I see we don´t need to customize our Innovator 12 ItemType imports at all! Reason: Innovator 12 already use CUI elements to build the TOC.

    TOC Access/TOC View were used to build the CUI elements in I12. And this is nothing else that the new TOC Editor does. It mainly simplifies the process for admins, but in the end it creates/modifies the same data.

    If we import ItemTypes based on I12, I expect everything to work 1:1, cause CUI menu entries are already set correctly.

    Our import file may contain the data for TOC Access/TOC View, but these data does not server any purpose anymore.

    That is why these two tables are completely empty in 2023. They don´t have any practical usage, but they are still there to avoid import conflicts. We can remove the legacy TOC Access/View data after import or leave it to be downward compatible.

    Only people that use I11 or early I12 need to rewrite there imports or have to use the TOC Editor after transferring ItemType. But I think even these imports will not fail.

    I also found the TOC Editor itself. TOC Views in Release 2023 don´t need the empty "carrier" ItemType anymore. This is why I didn´t find the ItemType.  This one is CUI Menu Button "com.aras.innovator.cui_default.toc_editor". The linked Method maybe can be reused for custom dialogs.

    Well that are my thoughts, but I haven´t tested anything of this yet. I wonder if there are ever any Aras employees who reads these kind of discussion -->  "yeah nice thoughts Angela - but you are so wrong lol"

    Best regards!