Problem with the use of dates.

Problem with the use of dates.

I'm going to go crazy with ARAS. After several hours using dates, and it didn't work out, I discovered date is stored in the databse in "neutral" date, here in Spain it is +1. That's why the "GET" did not work for me, etc.

Well today, continuing with the work I have realized that depending on whether or not I use "where" I must put the neutral date or with my time zone.

Can you confirm it? It is right?.

// In this, i must to GET the date  - 1 hour (Spain is +1). Neutral Date
CodigoAML = "<Item type='MP Control Descanso' action='get' where=\"[MP_Control_Descanso].mp_fecha_entrada='" + extraeDia(HoraA,1) +"' and [MP_Control_Descanso].mp_con_usr = '"+localizaTrabajador(TrabajadorDNI)+"' and [MP_Control_Descanso].mp_estado = '1'\"></Item>";

// In this, i must to GET the date in my GMT
CodigoAML = "<Item type='MP Control Descanso' action='get'><mp_fecha_entrada>" + extraeDia(HoraA,0) +"</mp_fecha_entrada><mp_con_usr>"+localizaTrabajador(TrabajadorDNI)+"</mp_con_usr><mp_estado>0</mp_estado></Item>";

var ResultadoGet = innovator.applyAML("<AML>"+CodigoAML+"</AML>");

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