Dynamic Product Navigation on Custom Itemtype


I've been struggling with adding a Dynamic View for a custom item type that has CAD documents as a relationship.  From my understanding, deploying a dynamic 3D view should be possible on any item type as long as CAD is the root element of the query.  Am I misunderstanding how this works? Thanks

  • Hi,

    do you see the sidebar in your Form that you use to switch the views? 

    I guess your haven´t configured the SSVC settings. Check out the Secure Social tab in your ItemType. You specify there which files are linked to the sidebar. Just take a look at CAD or Part itemtype for reference.

    Best regards


  • Hi Angelalp,

    Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to respond. No, I do not see the dynamic views icon in the sidebar.  I have taken a look at Secure Social > DiscussionTemplate> FeedTemplate>FileSelectorTemplate for the CAD ItemType.  I see that it has a Reference as

    <Item type="CAD" id="${id}" action="VC_SelectDynamicAssemblyFile"></Item>

    which from my limited understanding (or maybe I'm completely lost) provides the ability to see the dynamic viewer icon in the sidebar.  However, I'm having difficulty translating this to my ItemType which has CAD as a Relationship.

    For instance, if I was wanting to use the dynamic viewer with say the PhysicalPart item type from the DTC package that has a Relationship called PhysicalPart CAD, would I just need to add a FileSelectorTemplate like this:

    <Item type="PhysicalPart" id="${id}" action='get'>
        <Item type='PhysicalPart CAD' action='get'>
              <Item type="CAD" action="VC_SelectDynamicAssemblyFile"></Item>

    Again, thank you for your response. Hopefully I am not way off base in my understanding.


  • Hi Timothy,

    at this point I should probably mention that I neither use SSVC, Dynamic Product Navigation or the CAD itemType at all.

    I know that DPN reuses the SSVC sidebar. So I was wondering if you need additional settings in Secure Social bar.

    I used a custom CAD relationship by myself and remember I had to add my custom ItemType there so I can access the files in the sidebar.

    If you have a subscription, check out the official documentation or ask Aras :). 

    Edit: Just checked an old manual for 3D Visualization and it seems that Aras uses a Query Definition for this one, but not sure.