How to display (and edit!) two independent items inside one including relationships? #newBuildingIdeas

Hi community,

I am looking for ideas to combine two items as one. I want to combine the ItemType "Manufacturer Part" with a 2nd ItemType we use to store environmental and compliance information.

We use two ItemTypes, cause the people how manage Manufacturer Parts are not always the same people who are trained to do the compliance rating. Two independent ItemTypes with unique permissions helped us to keep the data accurate.

Right now the 2nd ItemType is linked as Relationship Tab View with Manufacturer Parts. It´s possible to edit the Form of the 2nd ItemType within the TabView, but it would be much more convenient if we could also include the relationships.

It would be helpful if we can display all the data at once. The MPart Form offers enough space for the additional information.
So this is a mockup of what I want to build (not final):

Right now I can achieve to display the main form of the 2nd ItemType in Manufacturer Parts (either Nested Form or custom html).

But I also want to include the additional edit/save/refresh buttons and the relationships. What options do we have?

1. It´s maybe possible to federate the additional relationships in MParts, but haven´t tested yet.
2. Does anyone has experience with customizing the accordion tabs? Can they be used for this tasks?
3. Or maybe make a  custom relationship rendering inside self designed html element?
4 ....?

Any hint is highly appreciated! Thanks!

Best regards