Refresh a form.

Hello, I just joined a company and they use ARAS. I'm learning everything about the program as I go along.

I have a problem, I have looked in the forum, but no option solves the problem.

I have a form in which I update a field through an action, but I can't get it to refresh the screen and update the changed value. I've tried refreshing and blocking the item by hand, but nothing, no way.

I try with:


And with:


But nothing. Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

  • Welcome do the happy world of PLM! :)

    There are a lot of refresh variants. Each situation works different.

    - Do you want to refresh Form or Grid?
    - Do you use a C# Action or JS Action? For C# return your item. For JS parent.onRefresh() works in many scenarios. But for Actions you maybe can use aras.uiReShowItem(itemId, itemId); 

  • Hello Angela, thanks for the welcome, :). And thanks for the help!!!.

    its for a Form, in JS Action.

    yes!!!, with this now works fine: aras.uiReShowItem(itemId, itemId); 

    I put in my code: aras.uiReShowItem(parent.thisItem.getID(), parent.thisItem.getID()); 

    To get the itemId i use parent.thisItem.getID(), its correct? or is there another better way?

    Too many thanks for the help!! And don't worry, I have many questions to ask, :). tomorrow I will do some more, today I leave work.


  • parent.thisItem.getID() is correct. I personally would use a variable for it when this value is needed multiple times inside a Method -> const itemId = parent.thisItem.getID()
    Even small things have influence to performance and each nanosecond counts Slight smile

    You of course are welcomed to help me with my dozens of open issues in this forum as well Stuck out tongue winking eye

  • Thanks for the advice.

    I hope in the future I can help you with your doubts/issues, Blush