C# .NET Login Aras Error

I followed Programmer's Guide.pdf (10.1: .NET IOM) to make a simple login to ARAS .

But I keep getting this error message, can anyone help me?


  • Hi,

    there is nothing obviously wrong with your code. Programmers guide 10.0 is already a bit dated. Do you really still work on Innovator 10? There is a newer guide available, also the sample code probably equals your current used one

    But do you use correct version of IOM.dll that matches your current Innovator version? 

  • Sorry,I didn’t mention that i am going to login Aras12 and IOM is 12 version.
    the 12.Programmer’s Guide.pdf’s index is belong to 10.1:IOM

  • Ah, I mixed the numbers of the chapter in the guide with the Innovator version.

    I don´t know what causes you error. But one thing in your code is unusual. In your isError() block you convert the result Item to a string. Not sure if this causes your error message. But to get the error text, you normally use "getErrorDetail()" or "getErrorString()"

    Something like this

    Item login_result = conn.Login();

    if (login_result.isError())
      MessageBox.Show("Error during login: " + login_result.getErrorDetail());

  • Hi,
    This is working well here with the same code and a URL like this:

    Take care of the IOM.dll library used too.