Printing a Multi-Level BOM Report for an Effectivity Resolved BOM

Experts - How do I print a multilevel BOM report for an effectivity resolved BOM?

More details: 

We built a 150% BOM with model effectivity. We resolve the BOM to 100% by applying the model effectivity. Now we want to print this as a Multi-level BOM Report so that procurement can do their stuff?

Exporting to excel is not an option, since the report is formatted and does not need all of the properties.


  • Hi Kamran,

    which report engine to you plan to use? 

    - XSLT (the one you get out of the box)
    - SQL Reporting Service
    - ??

    XSLT is unfortunately very hard to customize. If you have a subscription, ask Aras if they have a template!

    If you have a subscription, maybe also wait for Innovator 24. In this version Aras adds a new reporting service based on Query Definition. Much easier to customize than XSLT and more secure that SQL.

    Does anyone else know more?


  • Hi Angela,

    Thanks for your detailed response. We are at the moment on an older version. We may wait till our upgrade before we implement effectivity.

    I suppose Aras is reading this. We do have subscription, however, I don't expect them to provide a template (if they have any). I will have to push for it.

    Thanks again,

    Kamran Aftab

  • You said you use an older version. How old?

    They current versions (>12SP7) have an Export to Excel button in the BOM Structure tab. Not a real report, but at least some solution to export the effectivity result.

    In latest Innovator version Aras improved this feature so you get xlsx instead of the xls.

  • I was referring to the new reporting tool. We are on 12SP14, kicking off the upgrade project tomorrow Slight smile

    Excel export does not work for us. It does not include the top item for one, and it is not customizable like the Multi-level BOM report is. We are trying to get something from Aras Support in the way of an XSLT template, or anything else. 

    Thanks for your suggestions.