Open a specific classification form of an itemtype directly from TOC.Is it possible?


Is there a way by which we can open a certain classification form of an itemtype directly from the TOC in Aras 18.The ability to edit TOC allows you t attach a form directly on TOC.In that we can add a save button to save with that classification.IS there any other way to that?


  • Hi Noob,

    what´s wrong with the solution you described? It sounds good enough for me.
    But maybe I misunderstood your question. Do you want to have multiple TOC entries for various classifications of the same ItemType? 

    There are other ways to do that. But I would not recommend them. For example take a look at this post which is probably the longest discussion in the history of this forum:

    I strongly recommend NOT to use the shown approach. It´s requires a lot of customization and is hard to maintain. I don´t use it by myself cause it was unbelievable time consuming to manage. The shown solution was also based on Innovator 11. As soon as Innovator 12 appeared, SavedSearches offered a suitable workaround to make class specific TOC entries.

    I don´t use Innovator 18 or any 14+ version. But the topics on the roadmap tell us, that these version offer new capabilities regarding CUI elements. Especially as Aras plans to pin Dashboard or Reports to the TOC tells a lot that CUI elements became more independent. They don´t need a "carrier ItemType" anymore. So I would try to investigate, how these elements work. If you find out, you may be able to pass a class specific attribute with the CUI call. 

    But I am just guessing. I still wait for the next open release. Maybe somebody else knows more?