Instruction: Hiding the Open in Office Button

Hello everyone,

Here is a short instruction on how to hide the Open in Office (Microsoft Office Connector) Button when viewing document items. This can be done without uninstalling / disabling MSO in case you want to prevent users from using the Toolbar Action button.



This can be achieved by taking these steps:

  1. Go to the root \Innovator installation directory of your Innovator instance
  2. Navigate to \Innovator\Client\styles
  3. Append common.min.css with the following CSS: [data-id="MSO_OpenInOfficeMenuButton"]{display: none!important;}
  4. I recommend also updating the regular common.css file with the same CSS but indented
  5. Save, clear browser cache and reload the Innovator webpage

I hope this helps. All the best from Almelo.


  • Hi Daan,

    isn´t this one a overkill solution? Wink

    There is of course nothing wrong with this one. But regarding updates it´s always a benefit to avoid codetree modifications, cause the update team often forgets them when you don´t tell them.

    Why not edit the CUI element? This way you could make the button visible to just a couple of users, like "admins".

    You can remove/change identity for MSO_OpenInOfficeMenuButton in CommandBarSection itemview.itemcommandbar.default

    Or even easier, cause it was obvious as soon as I saw the CUI element. Just removing "Document" from Variable "MSO_OpenInOffice" should do the job the same way. 

  • Hi Angela,

    I have been looking for such a method for quite a while but could not figure it out.

    Thank you very much. This indeed makes my post redundant Sweat smile

  • The post is not redundant at all! It shows that you can address a task in many ways.

    I have changed some of the stylings in common.css by myself (e.g. images styling cause my version use wrong ratios). It´s an important file to know!

    I am happy about the post cause I also learned something new. I didn´t know the variable.

    I was surprised that the Office button was in CommandBarSection "itemview.itemcommandbar.default" and not in the one related to the Document. Cause this CommandBarSection is used on global level so we would have seen the Office button everywhere. That did not make any sense. So there has to be a filter somewhere. The used init Method linked to a Variable -> Voilà!

    I have a custom document type and rebuild the "Export to Office" button by myself. Would not have been necessary at all, cause the Variable works with a comma separates string (Document,MyDocument,...).