Tree Grid View Filtering


I've got a multi-level BOM that I'd like users to be able to filter by Name or Part Number.  I followed the Query Element Builders Guide and the blog post "Filter a Tree Grid View with Parameters"; however it only works with the parameters at the top level.

So if for instance, I've got a part (top level) with a Name of "Part_1" and I use the parameters on the TGV with that, it filters fine.  But if I have a sub-part to that, with say a name of "Part_2" and I use the parameters on the TGV to that item, nothing shows up.

I'm assuming the problem is in the filter condition... (Name LIKE $name) AND ([Part Number] LIKE $item_number)

Can anyone help?

  • Yeah I had the problem too when trying to add a filter for "Released"/"Preliminary" BOM elements. Nothing showed up cause also the top element was included.

    Some workaround is to use an additional  layer in the query for the parent Part. This way you can a filter for the child parts only.

  • That's what I figured, but makes it a bit difficult to basically "Find" within a parts tree.  Thanks.

  • Well. I said it´s a workaround, I didn´t say it´s a good one. I don´t think my own people really use it very often.Grin

    If you have a subscription, maybe ask Aras if they know a better solution.

    I see a good chance that we will see more flexible filter options in the future.
    Luckily QueryDefinition/TGV is constantly improved by Aras. Especially when the new reporting engine will show up, we will see a boost again. Simply because it will be THE reporting engine to use.
    The best years for TGV and QueryDefinition are yet to come.

    Goodbye Self-Service Reports!