Deletion on the null relation is allowed while it is not possible on the source (permission set) ?


I've an ItemType "Source" and a NULL relation.
After promoting ItemType "Source "to "Validated" an permission is set to disable Deletion :It works fine !

But, In the TOC, I can access to ItemType NULL relation.

After testing, I can remove item in NULL relation although the deletion on ITEM source is not possible.

On NULL relation, the permission seems to be good (the same as Source) !

Do you have a proposable to disable DELETE on NULL relation ?

  • Hi Breton,

    it´s not completely clear what you do. Do you have a two TOC entries? One for the main ItemType and a second one for displaying the NULL-relationships? 

  • Hello,

    yes I've 2 TOC entries : One for the main ItemType and a second one for displaying the NULL-relationships



  • Hi Breton,

    NULL relationships are not intended to be edited outside the scope of the source item. But of course it´s sometimes useful.

    You mentioned you have two permissions. Do you as admin have given yourself "update" permission when the Items are in "Validated"? If yes, that´s your problem

    E.g. compare it to "Part Cost" which is a NULL relationship used in Part. The ItemType is uses the source permissions "New Part" and "Released Part".

    For Released Parts it´s important, that users don´t have "Delete" AND(!!!) "Update" permission. As soon as "Update" is enabled, users can also delete the NULL relationship, even if delete itself is disabled.. Not sure if this is a bug, but that´s how it is in my I12.

    As alternative don´t use Source permission give the NULL relationship an independent Lifecycle. You then have to promote the Null-relationship permission when your parent item is promoted.

    If you have a subscription, maybe ask Aras about this one. I would also be interested in knowing the "correct" way to deal with NULL-relationships.



  • hello, thanks for your reply !

    ok, agree with you : use NULL relation outside the scope of the source item is not "clean", but I've a specific need.

    yes, I will check with ARAS.