Starting Page definition in V14 onwards

Hi Team,

Has anyone figured out how to create a custom startup page in R14 and higher?

The "Startingpage List" is still there with the default entries, but the method of defining a new custom page has changed. Previously one would define the visible page in the "TOC View" tab for an item type......But the functionality of this tab has now been replaced, partially at least, by the TOC Editor, but I cannot figure out how to link the form to the Itemtype for the Starting page .

I do see there are some new Dashboard functionality coming in V20. My personal guess is that this could give some new mechanism to add starting pages. It would be nice if one could define multiple tabs to be opened at startup....

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  • As far as I know starting page is under heavy construction in general. It would make sense, the current ones are pretty useless (we still have the popular I12 white screen).

    I guess they want to make something configurable for the user that contains ItemType links, but also notifications and the In Basket tasks.
    I think the user defined "Startingpage List" will sooner or later die. And I will not miss it.

    In your case only Aras can tell you about the status in I14+ :)

  • FYI we found a way to do this with help or Aras and our own fiddling.  Assuming you want to display a form that's already linked to an itemtype:

    1) Edit "StartingPage List" and add the value for the ItemType with the value = name of the ItemType

    2) Set this for the User from the Starting Page dropdown

    3) Open the ItemType

    4) Open Client Style

    5) Open the _TOC_Configuration item.  If none exists, make a new one

    6) Create a new CommandBarSection.  Classification:  Data Model, Location:  TOC, Identity:  whomever you want

    7) Open the newly created item.

    8) Add a new CommandBarItem.  ItemType:  Button, Action:  Add, Identity:  whomever you want

    9) Open the item.  In "Additional Data", use : {"itemTypeId":"ID OF ITEMTYPE","formId":"ID OF FORM"}

    Save it all.  Have the user logout and log back in and they should now see the Form as their landing page.

  • Hi Jeff,

    thanks for the insights! I assume we can combine this one with the new Dashboard feature in the latest Innovator version. Will definitely be useful!


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