PDM Pro Connector Compatibility with Innovator 14+

Does anyone currently use the PDM Pro Connector?

We are in the middle of a migration to Innovator version 15. We want to integrate with our SolidWorks PDM system to manage the native files, register parts, and have workflow approvals driven from PLM.

We tried installing the connector and the installer fails with an “incompatible version”, Aras support indicated PDM Cad Connector 12.0R4 is not compatible and no version of PDM connector is compatible.

Just curious to see if anyone else has the PDM Pro Connector in their implementation.



  • The native Aras Solidworks connectors supports Solidworks PDM Professional (!). If you use Innovator 15 the Connector from Innovator 12 might not work. But I guess there is a newer version that is compatible.

    I have read in another thread in this forum that Aras has an overview of which CAD connector supports which Aras version. I don´t know where....

  • Thanks Angelalp. Yes we got an incompatible version error when trying to install. Our support ticket was closed with the resolution that there is no compatible version with Innovator 14+... We have heard that it is potentially in the roadmap but have not heard target release date.

    Are you using the PDM Pro Connector with Innovator 12 currently?

  • Strange that there is no newer variant yet. It somehow tells us that the Aras PDM connector is not widespread used. 

    It´s not meant as critique. The Aras connector requires that you have Solidworks PDM Professional. But PDM Pro itself already represents a PLM software. So you would pay for two full-size PLMs just to use the Aras connector.

    So I assume it´s more common that people don´t use the Aras connector, but a 3rd party one. This way you could also connect to the much cheaper Solidworks PDM Standard.

    In my case after doing a lot of evaluations and tests, we simply decided not to use any CAD connector at all. Sweat smile

    Of course a connector would bring some benefits and it´s almost blasphemy not to use a CAD connector. But in our case our products data is 95% about electronics and software. So the time we would have saved with a CAD connector, wouldn´t have justified the connector costs. There is simply not enough real CAD data.

    We right just use a semi-automated process with a couple of workflows and other settings in Solidworks PDM to keep data in line with Innovator. We cannot spinn around fancy 3d models inside Innovator, but frankly, nobody ever missed this feature.