Manufacturing Process Planning - Add item at same level as Operation?

In our MPP instance, I want to add a new ItemType at the same level as Operation in the 'View Process Plan' tree.  Is that possible?  Will it require a ton of customization to client-side code in the solution directory under "Innovator\client\Solutions".

I did a quick search and didn't see anything like that.  Any thoughts or examples would be appreciated.

  • Hi Douglas,

    you mainly have to customize the used "Document Type" and "XML Schema Elements" inside the database. I don´t think this one requires a lot of codetree modifications, but it has been a while since I did this kind of stuff. 

  • I was able to successfully edit the "Document Type" and XML schema to add my "Procedure" at the same level as Operation.  Unfortunately, doing so is only one piece to the puzzle.  You definitely have to edit the code tree javascript under "innovator\client\Solutions\MPP" to make it go further.  I am to the point where I can add the Procedure but it doesn't show in the Process Plan tree despite being available in the database.  Still plugging away at it and hoping that Aras support will provide some insight.

  • I once did a customization to add Consumed Parts to Steps instead of Operations and had to modify a couple of codetree files in the mentioned folders. Weren´t too many, around 5-10.

    Codetree modifications are something I struggle to share within the forum, cause it is knowledge that requires a lot of work to acquire. I once made the funny experience where one official partner (not the smallest) tried to sell me my own solution. So don´t feed the magpies. ;-)

    I think Aras support can give you some guidance here. Give them some time, it´s not the most easy question :) . You are already on the right track.

  • Yes, you are quite right about code tree modifications.  I can understand the anxiety about sharing code because as you said, someone may try to sell it back to you :).  

    I'm inching toward the finish line but feel it's going way too slowly.  I do have a ticket into support so hopefully they can provide some guidance on where to go from here.