how to set default value in search grid

Hello, I would like to set default value on "state" property (example : "Start") to be able get only item where the value of state is equal to "Start" ?

I thought by creating a event on "state" property (event = OnSearchDialog)  could give the result...It seems not (except I made an error)


  • Hi Breton,

    Funny to see how many people still use Innovator 11.

    Solution for question is much simpler: You can use the "Default Search" property in the ItemType definition. Just go to your Properties in your ItemType. There is one column far right that you can use.

  • hello, we are migrating to new ARAS version ! :-)

    thanks for your answer but I saw in documention

    so, after testing, it is not work fine !
    it is why I tested with an event (OnSearchDialog) on state property with no effect too :-(

  • Oh that´s has to be something new. Default search still works in my Innovator 12.

    Which version do you use for testing? Where do you have seen this note?

    You can either ask Aras or as alternative: Investigate how Aras itself solves it. Aras use "Default Search" values in a couple of itemTypes like "dr_RelationshipFamily" or "Project Task".

    Would be curious about the solition! :-)

  • Cause I had the window still opened. --> "dr_RelationshipFamily" as sample was wrong. But in Innovator 12  "Project Task" used Default Search for "my_assignment" and "status" property. Maybe in your version Aras solved it with a Method. Would be worth a try.

  • hello, as we are on migration to aras17, I will use functionnalty later.
    I checked on aras 17, It works fine..! :-)
    So, I will wait.

    thanks a lot for your reply

  • Hi,

    glad to hear that! I am happy that I don´t have to be concerned about this one in the future.

    As you update from Innovator 11 you probably have a lot of work upcoming. But maybe you find a little bit of time to check out these two:

    1. Does Aras have patched the terrible aligned property pane in Innovator 17 just as seen in your image?

    It´s not a big issue and can easily be fixed (ask for IR-078518 - Properties Pane values are misaligned). I am just curious if Aras improved some of the design glitches in general.

    2. If you use item revisions within daily work, maybe you can check if the glitches described in the beginning of this post still occur in Innovator 17. :

    In case any of the topics is relevant for your company, I would be happy about any support that helps us to get a patch faster.

    If you don´t use these features -> never mind :)