Alternative Notification options that are not pop-ups or the "bell" notifications

Hi community,

does any one of you know alternative display options for Notifications? By default Aras offers up pop-up notifications (people sometimes click them away) or notifications connected to the bell icon in the top-right corner (people don´t read them at all). 

I wonder if we can display important notifications at a more prominent position. Something like this:

Right now it would be possible to use CUI to create this kind of messages similar to this database indicator community project:

Fun fact: The database indicator is now on the roadmap (and it makes me proud that I was the first to ask for it :) ) . I 100% can recommend the project as it´s improves productivity by 1000%.

The CUI approach for Notifications has one disadvantage. In contrary to the database indicator, the text is not static. We always would have to update the used Method. It would be more elegant if we can use the standard Notification ItemType (with expiration dates and target identities) but then specify an alternative display location (Standard, Popup, Main Window Header).

But maybe any of you know a complete difference approach to this use case? I don´t think it´s hard to achieve, I just want to have a solution that is easy to use for admins. 

@Aras: This one would be a perfect topic for your roadmap! I know you recently rediscovered your love for all kinds of usability improvements! So here´s another one Grinning


  • Interesting topic Angela.

    One more option will be using Notifications --> Pop Up

    Standard --> This will display under the standard notification drop down.

    Pop Up --> Pop Up option will show the notification when user login to system. It can be always or once and we can also write our own custom HTML here.

    But lets wait for some interesting suggestion from ARAS Experts :)

  • Thanks for joining the request, Gopi!

    I so far us the pop up mostly. They do the job well most of the time. But sometimes people click them away or the browser blocks the popup.

    And I just like the idea of using the main header or some kind of 'news site' inside innovator to keep people up to date. Maybe a simple news site would even be a better and simpler approach.

    The current notifications are build with a mix of Core, CUI and Codetree elements. 
    It´s maybe possible to add a custom CUI element and reuse the code from the "Standard" Notification mode. Maybe 10 lines of codetree modification needed, but doesn´t seem impossible.

    It´s something to test on a rainy summer day.  Not really important, but useful once it´s there.

  • I solved this one with a simple workaround in combination with the database header project.

    It turned out that Innovator "Variables" can store an insane amount of text inside the "value" property. More then enough to store a single line of informative text for the main window header. As Variables are easy to customize for admins these do the job well until there is a better variant.

    It´s possible to look up for Notifications items incl. date and target identities the same way, but Variables are a cheap option.