Issues with file upload from innovator when the vault is pointing to shared access mounted (SMB) folder of storage account


For our use case we want to use the SMB mounted drive as a location for vault folder.
we created storage account with file share on Azure. Mounted file share where vault server is installed. Configured vault location to mounted file share. When we tried to create document and add a file in it while saving we getting below error:

“Could not find a part of the path Y:\fileshare\InnovatorSolutions\.transactions\d22d04738bf4a5fe735c0b9468b063e2\A\78\9FB3C2C504F22851D6B97F74C71B8”

If anyone know how can I make it work successful, please provide your assistance. Thank you.
Here is a screenshot of error message in console:


  • I never have done something similar, but maybe any of these tips help:

    Have you configured all settings correct? E.g. vault.config and the Vault item in the database? Do you use HTTPS? If yes, is your certificate valid?

    Do your Innovator instance have all necessary permission to access your SMB-mounted Vault?