ARAS 12 - Before saving children's Item Type get the ID of the parent's Item Type

Hello everyone,

Try explain, my scenario:

I have the Item Types related:

  • 1° Item type Authorization.
  • 2° Item type AuthorizationTittle.
  • 3° Item type AuthorizationTittleRelation (only to related).


In the Authorization register view, I have the listing and button/link to register the AuthorizationTittle, the problem is when inserting the AuthorizationTittle, retrieve the id of the parent Authorization and set a field in the AuthorizationTittle to reinforce this FK.

I know that this relationship is automatically created in the AuthorizationTittleRelation, the problem is the time, this table is only fed after doing a done on the Authorization parent record, and I need the information of who the AuthorizationTittle parent is before this action.