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Good day all.  I am having a problem figuring out how to create a list of e-mail addresses based on the members of an Identity.  I am trying to set up a C# Method to review an ItemType and send an e-mail when there are items that meet the criteria.  I have everything working based on getting the the User ID of the currently logged in User.  I can't figure out how to create a list of the the Member related ids to create a list of the User e-mail addresses.  Thank you for any help that can be provided.

  • Hi Nathan,

    as far as I know email to Identity Groups should work OOTB. Check out this standard way to send an email from Aras:

    // Get Identity that shall receive the Email
    Item sentTo = inn.newItem("Identity", "get");
    sentTo.setProperty("name", "Administrators");
    sentTo = sentTo.apply();

    // Send Email
    bool result = this.email(email_msg, sentTo);


    The above one uses a standard Email Message Item. I guess there are full samples somewhere in this forum.

    Exception: If you use a full custom way to send emailing (cause of external mail server, etc.) you need to query the Identites by yourself...

  • Angela,

    Thank you.  I think that is what I am going to have to do.  I wanted a single e-mail to go out to a group of people, so they could reply all and discuss it.  My understanding is that this way (what is normally used), will send out individual e-mails to all of the people listed.

  • If I understand you correct, you want to send to a group email address? Maybe you can use an additional user for this group, not sure.

    In my case I often use a lot of additional Identities just for email recipients.

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