Pin-to-Sidebar of TOC Views - There has to be a way, but how?

Hi community,

in Innovator 12 Aras introduced the wonderful feature to pin often used TOC entries to the TOC sidebar. This saves a lot of time and works in general very well. 

But there is one exemption: When our ItemType doesn´t use a regular grid, but just shows a TOC View like a custom Form or HTML page. Typically inside Aras this kind of view is used for Dashboards. These kind of ItemTypes can unfortunately not be pinned.

I haven´t tested this one in newer Aras version like 14+.

Does any one know a workaround? If this one was fixed in any Aras version, I would be happy to know!


  • Hi community,

    some update to this one. The feature to pin TOC-Views made it to the roadmap! Together with a lot of other "community spoke about it first" -topics.

    It´s yet another clear proof of my conspiracy theory that we have an imposter :-) :

    I just wonder which Aras employee suddenly has discovered that they had this forum. Reveal yourself! Grin