Filtered list in relationship tab driven by master list on main form.

Hi, I have a drop down list exposed on the main form on the Simple ECO itemtype. I have another list property defined on the Affected Item itemtype which is a relationship. Based on what is selected in the main form, I would like the list on he Affected Item to be filtered to show only the values relevant to the selection made on the main form. Filtered list don't work very well on a relationship. It would be helpful to get some ideas and probably some pseudo code on how to implement the solution.    
  • Hello, You may be able to accomplish this by adding a new hidden property to the Affected Item itemtype. You can then use a server event and/or client event to ensure that the value of this hidden property is always equal to the value of the drop-down list on your parent Simple ECO. Once you have this hidden property synchronized, you can use it as the filter for your Filter List on the Affected Item. Chris
    Christopher Gillis Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Hi Gopinath

    Have you implemented this solution ? I'm exactly in need to similar implementation. Please provide your inputs